Monday, April 11, 2011

Who I Am -- The "Corinna" Pendant

As women, we wear a variety of hats, right?  We hold a different "title" to a different person whom we interact with on a daily basis.  To a single person, we hold just one title and play just that one role.  But if you step back, you will see that women play so many different roles.  Take my dear friend, Corinna, for example.  She means a lot to us.  Although she is my friend, I often think of her as my sister.  Her mom is a dear friend to me, almost like a mom.  So, Corinna graciously shares her mom with me and my children.  Isn't that nice?  I have always wanted to make her something special, but just could never think of something that was special "enough." Then one day it dawned on me... I will make her a pendant that reveals to others the roles that she plays... all the different hat she wears.
What do you think?

How many roles do you play?  

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