Monday, March 28, 2011

The "Malia" Pendant

Our friend, Crystal, is a wedding coordinator.  I met her awhile ago, as she referred one of her clients to Vince.  She continues to send business our way when she can.  She is the sweetest lady ev.ver!  And her sense of organization is amazing... so having her as a coordinator makes for an mazing orderly, organized day.  :) Bonus of using her services?  She knows A LOT of people to help make your wedding day AMAZING!
Anyway, I have not been to a wedding event with Vince in a long time, so I have not seen Crystal in years.  One day I found out she was pregnant with her first baby, Malia.  And just recently, she had another beautiful baby girl, Elisia!  So, I sat down to make this for her... The flowers are to represent the plumeria flower from Hawaii.  Malia's name sounded Hawaiian to me.  Regardless, I think it's cute!  I added the colored gems/beads for fun!

Just a Spoon Full of...

anything really... as soon as your little one can handle this cute little teaspoon!

You can't go wrong with this as a gift for a cute little baby (to have until he or she gets older) or a young child.  This teaspoon is stainless steel so it can be used over and over again! (I recommend hand washing)
I can hand stamp a name, short phrase, or date - up to 12 characters.

What do you think?!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The "Martina" Pendant

My friend, Martina, is from Austria.  I met her by accident the first day of school.  She may not want to remember that morning... BUT, I was standing in the kindergarten court yard talking to a few parents (whom I met at orientation when I thought I was going to send MD to kindergarten in the fall of 2010).  She came running out crying.  So I gave her a hug (because I am a mom and a former teacher, I knew why she was crying!).  Does that make me seem strange?  Do I normally give strangers hugs?!  (NO!  But I just knew it was what she needed!)  I knew that letting her child go the first day of kindergarten is SO hard!  But to make it worse, her son, Jonas, began kindergarten not knowing a lot of English.  She was worried for him!  I told her that he would be okay and that he will learn to communicate when he needed something.  I understood her anxiousness... even though I did not feel it when MG started kindergarten.  (But I paid for it later when it turned out her kindergarten teacher was a waste of a credential!  But don't get me started!!!!  ARGH!)  Anyway, her birthday was in February.  I wanted to make her a special gift because I knew that after the year was over, she would return home to Austria.  (Her husband is here in California for his work.)  I am hoping she will think of me when she wears her pendant.
 I love the sterling silver oval shape disc.  It's different.

The "Nanny" Pendant

I made this for my dear friend, Jen's mom.  Her grandchildren call her Nanny.  This pendant is 3 fold -- I started with a 1 1/4" round sterling silver disc for the older grandchildren's names.  The second sterling silver disc is a 1" disc with the 3 youngest grandchildren's names.  I then added a sterling silver heart charm, which can also be stamped with an initial.  

The "Rebecca" pendant

Rebecca is our dental hygienist.  She's really awesome -- well, the children think she's pretty cool!  That says a lot about her!  My 3 never feel scared to visit the dentist's office because they know that they will be well cared for there.  All the staff members are super sweet and patient with them.  They take their time with all 3 and allow lots of room for discovery, questioning, and some chatting before they do any "work" on them.  I like that the children are not afraid.  AND I like that I can bring them for MY appointments and they are well behaved so I actually enjoy my visits as well!

Anyway, I made this for Rebecca as a thank you.  It took  me awhile to make it because every time I go, I can never speak long enough to ask questions... (never mind that I am ever coherent!)  It seems odd to me to randomly ask one day the names of her children.. after I had been going to them for over 7 years!!!  But the last appointment I had, I was without the boys.  Which means I was able to stay focused and ask some pretty important questions!  :)  Got them -- check, check!

 Vince has a friend who just had their fourth baby.  I wanted to make them something but have been so busy. Well, while whacking Rebecca's, I thought I should just do theirs also.  So, the Rebecca pendant can be stamped with up to four names too!

Friday, March 18, 2011

For Japan with Love

Started here and here.

Have a good weekend everyone...

If you are inspired to help, visit here too:

or  (I left her my tracking number!  She is allowing us the opportunity to win her beautiful handmade quilt!)

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Just a Letter

A simple charm... an initial... your own? your sweetheart's?  your baby's?  Endless possibilities...
This can also be added to a larger pendant.

simple and sweet...

Monday, March 14, 2011

The "Beth" Pendant

I made this for a dear friend's daughter.  I've known Beth since she was in elementary school.  She is now a mommy of 2!  Baby #2 was delivered on February 22, 2011.  (The 3rd name on her pendant is her husband's name, in case you were wondering what was wrong with my math!)
So I quickly learned how to wire wrap a pearl bead and sent this on its way to her:

with pearl:

Sunday, March 13, 2011

"Class of"... Key chains

(May choose between Oval Sterling Silver disc -- shown below)
I'll name this key chain after her:  Tracy Key Chain

(or Circle Sterling Silver disc-- shown below): Samantha Key Chain
or... add a flower! (no extra charge) : Tracy with flower Key Chain
When they begin to drive... it might be helpful to have this to identify their keys, no?