Monday, November 28, 2011

My Pendant Giveaway!

So... if you want to win one of my single layer pendant... head on over to my blog swap buddy's blog and enter.   Her name is Susan and she is the lovely lady behind Ava Grace's Closet.  Cute name, huh?  It makes it hard to forget and so easy to remember.  Her little girl is Ava Grace and she is as cute as cute can get.... really!  When you stop by and see her cute little face, you can remember me telling you now... see, I told you so!  ;)

I hope you enter.  It's very easy!  Okay, Good luck!!!!  Have a great week friends!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Sweater Pumpkins!!!!

How cute are these?!

Maybe this is a project for next year's fall decorations?  Or maybe to decorate the harvest festival table? I'm sure baby girl can help me.  :)
Pop on over to That's My Story and check out the awesome tutorial!!!!

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!!!!

May your day be filled with *more* love, laughter... and good food!

Baby girl went to her first (gasp!) sleep over last week.  She and her buddy, O, played school.  MG was the student and this was her assignment.  She wrote this and i found it in her bag along with all the clothes and things she packed: (unedited)
There are 4 things I am thankful for.
First of all, I am thankful for that my mom paks me lunch so I doun't nee (need) hot lunch because it coudld be cold when I get in line to get.
She is a very, very, very, very, very, (yes, she wrote that many!) nice and kind mom.
Next of all, I am thankful that my mom helps me with my homework so I doun't get a bad grade. (I'd better get cracking on her spelling! lol)
She is very good at helping with homework.
Last, I am thankful that my family has money so my broter and I can go to school and get some nolege (aka knowledge) into our brains. (not sure what that means - they attend a public school!)
I like my school.
Now you see why I am thankful for the things I have!

I am so thankful for the things she is thankful for -- so sweet coming from an 8 year old!  

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Do you sew?!

If yes....Go here

buy a pattern or two or three... they are so reasonably priced and all for a wonderful cause!  This organization is raising funds for orphans of the world through the sale of electronic sewing patterns!

I read about it here from Kathy.  She then linked me to this blog.  The pillow pattern is so adorable... I think I'm going to give reading instructions a try!  ;)  If you know me, you know that I do not like to read instructions (carefully)... so following a pattern is a challenge for me.  I like to skip ahead and just do it... only to discover later that I had missed an important step.  You would think that I would be more careful... HA!  I will let you know how my projects goes... if you do not see a post about the pillow in a long time... it would most likely mean that I could not follow the instructions and put the project at the bottom of the pile... "for another day."  :)

Head on over and support this great cause!
Have a fabulous week... I am going to try to take it easy this week.  I am thankful for so much... so I must take things slowly so I may enjoy what I am most thankful for... my family!

Friday, November 18, 2011

Dear Haley...

Your passing has been very sad for me... I did not know you, but my blog friend, Kelly, knew your mom and she knew you since you were a baby.  She wrote such wonderful things about you and your family. So when you  passed away and she was heart broken... We all felt her pain.  I have been trying to hold my babies more because of your story.  I am enjoying my time with my children... knowing that they will grow up quickly and may or may not want to cuddle with me or be held by me much longer.  I want to enjoy them so they can enjoy life... like you did.  I hope that you are watching over your family while you are in a better place.  Farewell, Haley.  You will never be forgotten...

I made this for your mom.  My dear friend, Debby, helped me think of what to stamp on your mom's pendant.  I hope these words will help her smile and think of you.

and this is for your sister:

Rest in peace, Haley...

Monday, November 7, 2011

Sad news...

Many of you have been reading about Haley and helping her through prayers... Today, Haley's family had to say goodbye to her...  (November 8, 2011 -- An updated post from Kelly here... saying goodbye to Haley)
I do not have the right words to say anything right now ....  I did not know Haley, but my heart feels so broken for her family...
This is the last thing Kelly wrote on her blog.  Please read and then follow Haley's Facebook page...

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Fall Wreath Inspiration

Fall is here... I can finally *feel* it... brrrrr... whooooosh!!!!  So, head on over to V and Co. and learn how to make this for your front door.  Heck, you can hang it anywhere once you've made it!  She is a  great blogger.  She makes me laugh... I'm just stalking her... She doesn't know I exist!  She has tons of followers, friends, all sorts of talent... So check her out here. Oh, and she has a book that we can buy starting on January 10, 2012!!!

Saturday, November 5, 2011

For a Sweet Little Girl

Last month my college friend (well, she was actually Vince's friend... I happen to come along at the right time!), Debby, emailed and asked if I could make her daughter a pendant.  This is what she wrote:

Steph, hope all is well with you and your gang. We are adjusting to C's transition to middle school and it's been a family affair. Part of that is that we started a carpool since we have two different schools to go to. G is having a hard time w/ that as I can only walk her to class every other week. It's sad when the other parents say, "boy she was missing you last week!". So to help her, I lent her one of my necklaces w/ a heart on it that is special to me. I told her that I would fill it w/ all of my love, and when she was missing me that she could touch the necklace and know that i love her very much. It's worked so far, but she mentioned that she wanted a pendant of her own.
So I'm thinking about making one just for her.

Thanks,  Deb
So this is what we came up with -- it is small, simple, and has the right words for a little girl to wear close to her heart:

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Prayer needed for Haley


This is Haley.  She needs our help NOW.  Go here and read more.

Kelly posted this:


Update: November 1, 2011 - Haley is currently in ICU on a ventilator - the doctors are Not giving the Family much hope right now - Please pray for a miracle....

Haley is 17 and was diagnosed with Myelodysplastic Syndrome (MDS) - this is a very rare bone marrow disease. She needed a bone marrow transplant - she received one last August - unfortunately it did not take - since the transplant - she developed a life threatening infection in her lungs - with the help of donor white cells much of the infection is gone... Haley still has a very long battle ahead of her. She must get rid of the residual infection in her lung with a possible surgery to remove the infected area in her lung - find another donor - go through another round of chemotherapy.. She needs our prayers - our support - our love.. If you would like to help the family with the costs of marrow testing - please donate via the paypal link below. I will keep you posted..
Information accurate as of October 6, 2011

Wordless Wednesday -- my first!