Friday, November 18, 2011

Dear Haley...

Your passing has been very sad for me... I did not know you, but my blog friend, Kelly, knew your mom and she knew you since you were a baby.  She wrote such wonderful things about you and your family. So when you  passed away and she was heart broken... We all felt her pain.  I have been trying to hold my babies more because of your story.  I am enjoying my time with my children... knowing that they will grow up quickly and may or may not want to cuddle with me or be held by me much longer.  I want to enjoy them so they can enjoy life... like you did.  I hope that you are watching over your family while you are in a better place.  Farewell, Haley.  You will never be forgotten...

I made this for your mom.  My dear friend, Debby, helped me think of what to stamp on your mom's pendant.  I hope these words will help her smile and think of you.

and this is for your sister:

Rest in peace, Haley...


  1. You don't know how much it means to families to have a gift like this. Gabby's Mom has been wearing the charm you made for Gabby. It will be a treasured piece always. You're awesome!

  2. How sweet of you Steph to do that and make those. They are so lovely and thoughtful:)

  3. Steph,
    That is so amazing of you. So sad. :(

  4. Oh my gosh!! So sweet. See what I'm saying? You're just a sweet girl.