Saturday, November 5, 2011

For a Sweet Little Girl

Last month my college friend (well, she was actually Vince's friend... I happen to come along at the right time!), Debby, emailed and asked if I could make her daughter a pendant.  This is what she wrote:

Steph, hope all is well with you and your gang. We are adjusting to C's transition to middle school and it's been a family affair. Part of that is that we started a carpool since we have two different schools to go to. G is having a hard time w/ that as I can only walk her to class every other week. It's sad when the other parents say, "boy she was missing you last week!". So to help her, I lent her one of my necklaces w/ a heart on it that is special to me. I told her that I would fill it w/ all of my love, and when she was missing me that she could touch the necklace and know that i love her very much. It's worked so far, but she mentioned that she wanted a pendant of her own.
So I'm thinking about making one just for her.

Thanks,  Deb
So this is what we came up with -- it is small, simple, and has the right words for a little girl to wear close to her heart:


  1. What a sweet necklace! Steph, see the impact you have through your art, helping a little girl (and her mama!) during a difficult time. You're amazing!

  2. Oh, I love it! It's so nice when there is a story behind the art;)

  3. What a sweet story - and what a beautiful piece that you've created for them!! Just lovely!

  4. Very cute! I love all of your stuff!