Monday, April 29, 2013

Happy Earth Day (April 22)

A bit late on the post... but here it is!
While volunteering during baby girl's library time at the school library, I noticed the librarian recycling a few books.  So I asked if we could take the books home to do a project.
This is what we made for her!

We started with the book:

We cut the pattern:
And made a dozen roses!  Then baby girl decorated the glass jar with tissue paper and we added a bow.  After looking at it again, we realized the dozen roses was a bit much.  So we took half out.  A half dozen made a better presentation.  (see above!)
For full instructions, visit this site.  Baby girl and i have been obsessed with making these roses!  It's so easy and so much fun to make.  

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Happy Administrative Assistance Day!

The secretaries do so much.  But we tend to not realize it because we mostly go to them when we have problems.  Having worked at a school before, I know that they deal with a gamut of issues.  It's a lot of work for them.  So when I can, I do show that they are appreciated.  I also make sure the children acknowledge their hard work.  Thank you, Mrs. Adams and Mrs. Strachan for all you do for the school!

We started with this here (inspired by this pin here):
 And made this nice yarn wrapped jar vase!

"I love the birthday girl" giveaway winner

Congratulations to Amy Brown!!!!!  She is the winner of the "I love the birthday girl" giveaway from my friend, Susan, over at Ave Grace's Closet.  Congratulations, Amy!  This is on it's way to you!  Thank you for your enthusiastic participation.  :)

Susan has another giveaway... I'm not sure I want to advertise it... as I am going to enter it! ;)  Good luck if you enter.  But if I win, I will post a photo of the dress I pick with my $50 gift card.  I LOVE The Shabby Apple's dresses!  Love, love, love!!!

Thursday, April 11, 2013

A box of sunshine...

My friend from college has been through some rough times lately.  She just had surgery... a MAJOR surgery.  I have been thinking of her a lot.  But life with 3 children makes life... well, busy, difficult, and challenging.  For over 2 weeks, I worked on getting together a box of sunshine to send her.  It's a bout time!  She has been recovering. A mutual friend of ours (a BFF from college) has been keeping me posted on her recovery.  All I have to say is... CANCER SUCKS!

(In the box -- four magazines, a half dozen roses that baby girl and I worked on... took us forever with homework, swim practice, music lessons, etc., and 2 re-use-able snack bags that I sewed (by hand because my machine wasn't working! ugh!), and inside the snack bags... creamy, soft, chewy, delicious madeleines.   (the children and I can live off those things!)