Thursday, April 11, 2013

A box of sunshine...

My friend from college has been through some rough times lately.  She just had surgery... a MAJOR surgery.  I have been thinking of her a lot.  But life with 3 children makes life... well, busy, difficult, and challenging.  For over 2 weeks, I worked on getting together a box of sunshine to send her.  It's a bout time!  She has been recovering. A mutual friend of ours (a BFF from college) has been keeping me posted on her recovery.  All I have to say is... CANCER SUCKS!

(In the box -- four magazines, a half dozen roses that baby girl and I worked on... took us forever with homework, swim practice, music lessons, etc., and 2 re-use-able snack bags that I sewed (by hand because my machine wasn't working! ugh!), and inside the snack bags... creamy, soft, chewy, delicious madeleines.   (the children and I can live off those things!)


  1. oh, I'm sorry to hear about your friend but I can see that she's super loved and I'm sure that she'll be on her way to recovery pretty soon. My prayers are with her!

    That box of sunshine will surely light up any one's darker days!

    Spanish Pinay

  2. Steph: Thanks for doing this care package. You spread sunshine everywhere you go, in a box or out of a box. Love you and your thoughtfulness!