Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The "Martina" Pendant

My friend, Martina, is from Austria.  I met her by accident the first day of school.  She may not want to remember that morning... BUT, I was standing in the kindergarten court yard talking to a few parents (whom I met at orientation when I thought I was going to send MD to kindergarten in the fall of 2010).  She came running out crying.  So I gave her a hug (because I am a mom and a former teacher, I knew why she was crying!).  Does that make me seem strange?  Do I normally give strangers hugs?!  (NO!  But I just knew it was what she needed!)  I knew that letting her child go the first day of kindergarten is SO hard!  But to make it worse, her son, Jonas, began kindergarten not knowing a lot of English.  She was worried for him!  I told her that he would be okay and that he will learn to communicate when he needed something.  I understood her anxiousness... even though I did not feel it when MG started kindergarten.  (But I paid for it later when it turned out her kindergarten teacher was a waste of a credential!  But don't get me started!!!!  ARGH!)  Anyway, her birthday was in February.  I wanted to make her a special gift because I knew that after the year was over, she would return home to Austria.  (Her husband is here in California for his work.)  I am hoping she will think of me when she wears her pendant.
 I love the sterling silver oval shape disc.  It's different.

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  1. Thanks so much. This pendant jewellery is so pretty. I like that the jewellery looks vintage.