Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The "Rebecca" pendant

Rebecca is our dental hygienist.  She's really awesome -- well, the children think she's pretty cool!  That says a lot about her!  My 3 never feel scared to visit the dentist's office because they know that they will be well cared for there.  All the staff members are super sweet and patient with them.  They take their time with all 3 and allow lots of room for discovery, questioning, and some chatting before they do any "work" on them.  I like that the children are not afraid.  AND I like that I can bring them for MY appointments and they are well behaved so I actually enjoy my visits as well!

Anyway, I made this for Rebecca as a thank you.  It took  me awhile to make it because every time I go, I can never speak long enough to ask questions... (never mind that I am ever coherent!)  It seems odd to me to randomly ask one day the names of her children.. after I had been going to them for over 7 years!!!  But the last appointment I had, I was without the boys.  Which means I was able to stay focused and ask some pretty important questions!  :)  Got them -- check, check!

 Vince has a friend who just had their fourth baby.  I wanted to make them something but have been so busy. Well, while whacking Rebecca's, I thought I should just do theirs also.  So, the Rebecca pendant can be stamped with up to four names too!

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