Friday, July 29, 2011

Litte Bitty Things

I want to introduce you to my new friend, Sandy.
She has a great blog that talks about her family -- mostly her beautiful children.  :)
She also talks about her Etsy Shop.  She makes some amazing wet bags that come in various sizes -- she customizes also!
I bought a wet bag from her awhile ago and have not had time to post about it.  Let me tell you something -- it's AWESOME!!!  I bought a medium sized one to fit all 3 children's bathing suits and it works wonders!  I used to use a plain plastic grocery bag... but I would more often than not, come home with wet everything else that was in my big swim bag!  But now, with Sandy's bags, nothing is wet... except for what was already wet! (phew)

See below:
So that's my big swim bag that my friend, Kate, gave me at least  4 years ago! ( I carry their towels on top).  I put their extra dry clothes, hair brush, sunscreen, etc. in the big swim bag. The bag on the left is the wet bag Sandy made me.  All their bathing suits and goggles go in there.  She lines all her bags with a special material that does not leak so nothing else gets wet!  (AWESOME!) Then there is that matching smaller purse... cute, sin't it?!  That's where I put their travel soap and shampoo for after swimming.  (They shower at the swim center -- saves water at home - score!).  When swim lessons are over, I'm grabbing that mini purse and using it for my own stuff!!!  (just a few more weeks and it's mine! lol)

So, now, don't you just want to pop on over to Sandy's blog and read about her life and CONGRATULATE her on her pregnancy?!!!  DO!!!  (it's #4!)
Afterwards, pop on over to her Etsy shop and buy some of these cute wet bags she has lovingly made.

Thanks Sandy for your awesome bags!!!!


  1. Wow these are neat and since it's swim weather all year round here, these can definitely come in handy. Thanks for sharing...hoppin over to Sandy's right now!

  2. You are SOOOO awesome for writing such sweet things about me and my shop and my wet bags!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

    I'm seriously glad that you're enjoying your bags and that they are working just like they're supposed to! I love seeing them in action...

    Sandy at Little Bitty Things

  3. These are great Steph! I just stopped by and asked her if she wants to do a handmade artisan interview;)