Friday, August 26, 2011

Two whole weeks!!!

of the great outdoors!
(don't let the fancy sign fool you... it didn't flush (hold breath here) and at night I was afraid to venture in there!  Truth be told, I was afraid to venture in there during the day!  I made baby girl stand guard outside so I could leave the door open a crack!  Pathetic, but I did it for her too!  :))
 They spent A LOT of time doing this!  So AWESOME!!!

Home away from home!
 That's how we got water everyday!
In the end, I had a wonderful time.  It was rewarding to travel so far (Oregon) and experience life in the great outdoors.  The children had a great time.  They played, played, and played.  They ran around freely and had no worries.  They caught bugs, caterpillars, frogs, polliwogs... you name it, they caught it!  (Poor "baby" girl caught lots of mosquito bites!)  Although it was an amazing experience, I am glad to be home... nice warm shower, flushing toilets, no more mosquitoes buzzing in my ears, oops, I'd better stop, sounds like I'm complaining.  I'm not!  (well, maybe just a little!)


  1. Great pictures!! Looks like you had a great time!

  2. What an awesome adventure. I love how your boy is holding that frog. Mine would squirm at the sight of it.

  3. I love outdoors! but toilet that doesnt flush? oh no!

    I'm glad you and your kids enjoy this great adventure :)

    Spanish Pinay