Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Dear Pinterest,

And this is why:
MG made valentine bookmarks for her girl scout troop -- SO cute and so easy!!!

Then she made a bouquet of flowers for her leader and co-leader.  She made the yarn pom poms and I help hot glue the stems on for her.  We clipped branches off of Uncle Matt and  Uncle Leo's birch tree -- thanks guys for letting me steal your branches!  More flowers are being made.. .we will be by again! ;)

 And I made her this to wear on Vday -- she wore it to her troop meeting today:

Am I hooked on Pinterest? You BET!


  1. So cute! Everything turned out so pretty and festive!

  2. Lovely - the headband is my fav!! I have a list that I'm hoping to get done for Valentine's Day as well :) Might need to add that headband to my list!

  3. I am so hooked with Pinterest too! I always drool about being able to do much of what I see there :-D

    These projects you and your daughter did are all cute :)

    Spanish Pinay

  4. I'm bummed that Pinterest doesn't work for me. I've e-mail for technical help, and I don't get a response. I can't pin anything or create any boards. I don't know why??