Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Dear Pinterest...

I think eventually, I will have to cut you off my list of things to do before bed because I am sooo hooked!!!  This is another reason why!

Eldest child and I had tickets to watch her friends dance and we wanted to make them a bouquet of flowers... Enter Pinterest and this wonderful blog that walked us through!

We started with this:
Then she began assembling the petals together:
And she even used the hot glue gun on her own this time! 
 And it was beginning to look alive!
And this was the finished bouquet!  Isn't it beautiful?!
We had such a fun time putting these together (in no time really!).  I look forward to making more of these!  FUN!!!! (They were well received after the performance!)


  1. Pinterest is really addicting. My mind would explode with so much inspirations and it would just hurt because I'd want to do them all N.O.W. Haha. Lovely bouquet!

    Spanish Pinay

  2. oh wow! beautiful!!
    and what beautiful girls!!

  3. Sweet! Love them. I'm still getting the hang of pinterest. Sending hugs and happy weekend wishes your way!

  4. So sweet! And they definitely last longer than the real thing. Your little girl is SO crafty. She gets that from you. ;)