Friday, September 14, 2012

Another Pioneer Woman success recipe

I really enjoy reading The Pioneer Woman's blog.  She makes me laugh... a LOT!  :0  Her book is pretty funny too.  She always finds a way to make me laugh even when giving directions on how to cook.  Gotta love that about anybody!  The other night I made this for dinner.  I followed her recipe this time - wasn't about to mess it up with my "winging" around!
I couldn't find my large casserole dish... (hey, Matt, is it at your house still?!)  so I made them in a few dishes!  But I found that to be an advantage in the end.  Why you ask?  Because as I was putting the ingredients together I realized she asked for 2 cans of diced green chili, green onions, and cilantro.  Errrr, the children will not appreciate those at all!  So, I assembled the children's dish with just the sauce, meat, cheese, and olives.  They LOVED it!  Middle son even asked for leftovers for lunch.  Gotta love that boy!  (He eats left overs!  His future wife will love me for teaching him young to appreciate left overs.  You're welcome, my dear!).  The other 2 dishes I assembled everything as prescribed... and even hubby made time to stop chewing to say to me, "Yum, is this a new recipe?"  Why yes it is!  (And you might soon be getting sick of it if the children ask for it again!)


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  1. Yummy! Something that looks that delish will be gone in a flash in my house!

    Happy Thursday, Steph!