Friday, October 12, 2012

Congratulations Khay and Deo!

My dear friend from college, Anita, attended the wedding of her dear friend, Khay. We all met in college.  Anita was in my wedding too.  :)  (She's second from the left.)
Khay ans Deo have a wonderful love story. One day, I would like Khay to share it here.  Until then, just know that they were married and they were happy!  VERY happy!  Like, over the moon HAPPY to be married!

I made them this:

And I made Khay this keyring.  She and I are Pinterest addicts.  I saw that she has re-pinned this quote by Mother Teresa.  I found it hard not to make her this as a gift.  :)

Congratulations, Khay and Deo.  May your lives together be filled with lots of love and laughter.  


  1. The boy is wearing Barong Tagalog, right?

  2. You are so incredible. Those forks are so awesome I wished I knew you when my son was getting married I would have so ordered those. Although we do have twin Grandbabies on the way, You're gonna have to help me think of something special for them and their mother after they are born!!

  3. Love the photos, S! Beautiful gifts to treasure always!