Sunday, November 18, 2012

Kappa Delta Sorority

Today, baby girl (who is no longer a baby -- but just indulge me as I continue to think she is! ;))... she and her Girl Scout Troop spent the afternoon with a group of wonderful ladies at San Jose State University... the Kappa Delta ladies, to be exact.

Here they are in front of the sorority house:
They had a great visit and learned about college life.  Last night, I thought about this day and felt so appreciative of the girls at Kappa Delta Sorority because they were taking time out of their busy schedules to spend time with our girls.  I feel that it is so important to have these girls learn from college students who are enthusiastic about being in college and giving back to their community.  They need positive role models and today, I felt they met some amazing ladies.  So late last night...  I made 3 of these pendants to give to the coordinator so that she may raffle them off to 3 lucky ladies.

I want to have a successful business, but I also want to give back to the community.  I want to show that I appreciate them for their time, effort, and enthusiasm.  What "I" enjoyed most, aside from these young ladies' enthusiasm, was the last station where they had a panel of them discuss their majors.  One young lady was a civil engineering major, another a graphic design major, another a teacher, and the one that got the least response (because I'm sure the girls became scared of her!) was the young lady studying to be a police officer!  (I liked her immediately! hahaha).  No seriously....  It was nice to listen to their hopes and dreams -- which will soon become a reality!  I hope my daughter listened and grasp the concept of college life... Although it seems so far away, I know it will be here soon enough!  (So I'd better get this business going! hahaha)

Well, I just hope the winners of these pendants will enjoy wearing them and remember that today they made an impact on a lot of little girls.

For those who did not win... a 10% discount for you!  Just contact me with your orders!  :)

($19 -- rectangle sterling silver disc $10, crystals $3 each, and stainless steel necklace in this picture (but was not included in the giveaway) $3)


  1. Once again you amaze me with your skills Steph! I think that is wonderful that the girls were able to tour a college, what a great way to inspire the girls to go to college!

    1. Thank you, Saimi. Yes, touring the campus and then learning about college life was fun. A few girls asked when they can visit "home," when they are at college. It made me smile... such a great age right now. I want them to be innocent forever... sigh....

  2. Wow. That's so nice and cool of you, Steph. :)

  3. Steph, you are the most thoughtful, generous person I know, and you just keep it up, and you'll see your business go far:)