Thursday, May 9, 2013

Happy Teacher Appreciation Week!

Everyday the children have given their teachers something.  Monday was a reusable Starbucks coffee mug with some coffee packs and a box of Girl scout cookies (better in their house than ours!).  The notes attached to that bag was: "thanks a latte for all you do!"
Tuesday MD picked a flower from the garden.  His class made 2 beautiful bouquets for the teacher.  MG's room moms bought flowers and she made a beautiful card to give to her teacher.
On Wednesday I was a bit overwhelmed, so the homemade flowers we'd been working on all week went to school today!  The tags on these said, "Thanks for helping me grow!"
He only had enough patience to fold 2 of the 6 lilies.  But he can say he helped!  (tried my patience to the very last fold, I tell ya!)
 She is the origami queen, so she had no problems making 2 bouquets (last year's teacher is still one of her fav) of lilies --- AND another bouquet of roses for the music teacher!
We are so grateful for such wonderful teachers at our school!

Whoops, forgot that he also wanted to do something for his teacher.  We went to Home Depot and he picked out these two succulents.  He then helped me re-plant them in this red container.  He was very proud of his work. :)

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