Tuesday, June 21, 2011

I was interviewed!!!!

A month ago I was approached via email by a lovely lady, Courtney.  She has a wonderful blog for moms and women in general.  She and her sister, Betina, run this awesome blog.  They talk about all things women.  You know... fashion, fitness, art, spit up, (lol) etc.! (They even have their own etsy shop!  Check it out... makes me want to have another baby!)  So, you can imagine how shocked I was that she found me!  Little old me... who just started a small, very small  business and blog!  And guess what, she featured me on her blog!!!!  I know!!!  I am soooo excited to share this with you!  Hop on over, read my short interview and then read their other posts -- they are great!!!!  

And if you are interested, you might want to join a new social network that I have joined.  It's through VoiceBoks that I have met so many amazing women.  For example, (in no particular order) Kelly, Veronica, Katherine, Kathy, Aurie, Michelle, Melissa, and Colleen... just to name a few!


  1. I absolutely love your pendants! Great interview...am now following (don't know why I wasn't already =P)

  2. Thanks Rachel! So glad you made it over... :)

  3. How exciting and fun!! Woot :) I'm heading over to read your interview now!!

  4. I read your interview over at Courtney's :) I'll be sending you a query re wedding cake forks..

  5. I follow you, new follower...need help with followers, we run a community to teach women and kids who are nto financially sound and need sponsor for the same so need followers..pls follow us at http://seemask.blogspot.com

  6. This is sweet! Nice to know more about you and about how you come up with your own business. I do love creating things on my own too - just like your mom, I like making things for less. But then I lack so many things I guess, creativity, resourcefulness etc :-D I love your work and the best thing I like about them is their simplicity but personal and touching :) More power on your business!

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