Thursday, September 29, 2011

Blog friends are pretty amazing too!

Last week Steph featured my work on her blog, The Silly Pearl.  I met her through another blog and just became addicted to her crafts and creativity!

Look how beautiful these bridal pins are!  Amazing!!! She even has a tutorial!


And these firecrackers!  I am anxiously waiting for Chinese New Year to give these babies a try!


And wait... just one more...  How beautiful are these necklaces?!

She is an amazing mom of adorable twin girls, whom she loves to craft for!  (This is where I sneak in one more project!)


See, she's pretty amazing, huh?  Anyhoo....
She decided to take a blog break, which for me would mean no blogging... right?  No, she knows that her followers will miss having something to read. So she went and hand picked some bloggy pals to either be featured or guest post while she is absent.  And I happen to be one of the lucky blogs she featured!  So when she approached me about featuring my work, I knew right away that I need to make her her very own pendant so she can actually talk about it!  :)

I think she went above and beyond in my feature.  I am so honoured!  Thank you Steph!  And Thank you Veronica for introducing us!  So, pop on over to say Hi to Steph and tell her Steph sent you... she might be a bit confused at first, but I'm hoping she will know it's me!  :)

I have some more bloggy pals I would like to talk about... but I have been a bit under the weather. When I am myself again, I would love to introduce you to some amazing women.


  1. that's pendant is awesome and her crafts are amazing...if I had read the entry I would of thought the first picture was of fancy chopsticks, especially since they're in a bowl of rice =)

  2. Thank you Steph for letting me feature you on my blog, as well as the beautiful pendant with my girls' names on it. I love wearing it, especially when I'm away from them (which lucky for me is just a few hours at a time at most!). And thank you for this lovely feature of my crafts! It was above and beyond as well!

    @Rachel Joy Oooh fancy chopsticks...I'd love a pair! :o)

  3. Those are awesome crafts! Steph, I've given you the Liebster Award! You can check out my post to find out what to do next!...or not(I always hate those rules)

  4. Hope you're feeling better Steph Q.
    Love the chinese new year firecrackers! I'm guessing most if not all Stephs are amazing at crafts?!