Thursday, January 24, 2013

Big sister and more love in this family

Isla is youngest son's classmate in preschool.  I think her name is beautiful.  Of course, I did not know how to pronounce it when I first saw her name tag!  I mispronounced it to youngest son, who was quick to correct me after a great first morning of playing with his new friends!  (gotta love them for correcting you, right?)  Anyway, when youngest son started preschool last September, Isla's mom was pregnant.  Fast forward now to the start of a new session in preschool.  Guess what?  Baby is here... and this wonderful family of 3 is now a family of 4!  More love to go around!!!!  Bless Cally for being such a patient woman (not that she had a choice!)... Baby Leo was a week overdue!  We are all glad he is here, safe, and healthy!  (Boy, is he ever healthy!)  So, I made this for Cally (I'm loving my new design stamps.  These double hearts are lovely!):

And I couldn't ignore Isla... who is a VERY proud and loving big sister!

Congratulations Cally, Ross, and big sister, Isla... and welcome sweet Leo!!!


  1. That is such a pretty name. Love the new stamps Steph! Your work is always gorgeous!