Monday, January 28, 2013

Land of the free...

because of the brave.

Need I say more?!

Hubby was driving us all home from Mission San Juan Bautista (baby girl will be learning about missions soon).  Being the passenger, I had time to look around... A big SUV was to my right.  It had this sticker on the bumper. (see below image) I immediately fell in love with it.  I contacted a friend to see if I may make this for her father.  She contacted me right away and said he would be honored.  I am so excited to feature this!

This is what she had to say about her father:
"My dad was in the Navy Seal Team.  He retired as a chief after 20 years of service.  He also was trained in Emergency Ordinance Disposal."

Her dad is pretty awesome, don't you agree?  An amazing man who served our country with pride.  I am very proud to know him and thankful for his years of service.  Thank you, Mr. Hogg!

$30 (1" sterling silver circle disc)

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  1. No words needed! It is indeed the perfect gift for an awesome man.

    BTW - Waxed duck (lup up in Cantonese) is edible though I've no idea how you cook it. I think it's like Chinese sausage (lup cheong)

  2. Excellent! This came out really nice.