Saturday, May 14, 2011

For Dr. Mach

My dear, dear friend, Susan found me when I was a junior at UCLA and gave me a job!  She was a Writing/English professor and needed help with research for her class readers.  So, I became her research assistant.  Little did I know that I would come to love this woman like my own mom.  She has always been there for me and I always find myself smiling when I think of her.  She is such a strong person... long and personal story, so we won't go into it here.  I am grateful she is in my life -- she attended my wedding (even joined in the traditional tea ceremony) and she and her husband read the very same poem that was read at their wedding!  She and I put our heads together and we came up with this:  (insert UCLA fight song here... because that's what you do when you see UCLA!!!)

Susan, I love you and I hope you know that!


  1. That's beautiful! I'm your newest follower from the Alexa hop! Would love it if you visit and follow back!
    Kristen from

  2. Awww! That's so pretty! And such a sweet story. I'm following you now from the hop! Have a great weekend!

  3. Your jewelry is beautiful! What a wonderful talent to share with the world:-)

    Following you now from voiceBoks - and here's your personal invitation to visit my blog and follow. Looking forward to getting to know you!

    ~RJ, the Hope Coach