Thursday, May 5, 2011

Teacher Appreciation Week

This week is teacher appreciation week.  Our homeroom mom organized a wonderful week for MG's teacher.  Monday - a plate of cookies.  Tuesday - a bouquet of flowers brought by each student in the class and then assembled  together (by yours truly!) .  Wednesday - a poster made up of letters the students responded to this: "I appreciate my teacher because..."  Thursday - it was also her bday! a class bday gift.  Friday - a basket of fruit (made up of fruits the students bring in).
MG and I thought and thought... and we came up with a pendant for her birthday:
First idea:

 Second idea -- we liked the extra crystal on this one.

So this was the "Who I Am" pendant with a crystal added.  And FYI -- she is not yet a "wife" she will be soon though, so that is why we added that... she is planning/preparing for a June/July wedding!  (more details later)


  1. This is an adorable piece! I am always looking for great things to give my sister as gifts. So glad I found you from the Alexa hop!

    Crunchy Frugalista

  2. thank you for the follow. i am following back. what lovely pendants xx