Monday, May 23, 2011

My FIRST Blog Award!

I am so excited to share that fellow blogger, Colleen, of A Day in the Life of a five Foot Momma gave me my first blog award!  Stop on over at her blog and have a looky.  She has some great stuff to share with everyone!  Thank you Colleen!!!!

By receiving this award, I now must follow the rules that go along with the award...  I must share 7 facts about myself and then share the award with 10 bloggers.  

First, here are  7 facts about me:
1) I love pasta!  (any and all!)
2) All 3 of our children were born in August and are "almost exactly" 2 years apart!
3) My hubby and I have known each other longer than we have been married.
4) I didn't like the Twilight series as much as I thought I would... I LOVED the first book though!
5) I love "plain" vanilla ice cream - I'm boring like that!
6) I am a Gleek! (and my children may be too! ;))
7) I don't think I will be going back to teaching any time soon.... (sigh, too much stuff going on in education that it's so discouraging!)

And now to pass on the award:

1) Heartfelt Balance Handmade Love .  Wonderful recipes, fun activities and art projects.     

2) Mel Dreams Often.   Fun recipes, art project and crafts.

3) jrrsehopecoahing.  Great discussions on raising teenagers (no, I do not have any... yet.. but it's good to get a running start now!)

4) CoolKids.  What a fun site with REAL children featured!

5)  Little Ditties.  Brittany has a great eye for color, style, and fun finds!

6)  Cajunlicious.  It's about food!  Need I say more?!

7) Maria's Handmade Love.  She has some great DIY posts, giveaways, and reviews!

8) Cherished Bliss.  She shows some amazing crafts and inspiration for everyone!

9) The Queen of Swag.  Great reviews, giveaways, and coupons!!!

10) Mom Blog of two Monsters.  Funny mommy moments.

Thank you ALL for sharing your blog  with us... I enjoy reading your posts whenever possible!


  1. How fun!! Congrats to you :)

  2. Oh Steph! THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH! Wow! Thank you thank you thank you thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Steph, thank you so much for the award!!!

  4. Hey Steph. Stopping by to help your Alexa rating lol.

  5. Congratulations on your award...that's cool that you've known your husband longer than you've been married to

  6. Congratulations on your award and to the others who received it.

  7. You deserve it my sweet bloggy friend. Hugs!!!!!

  8. Congrats to you too Steph! Wow! 3 birthdays in August! Do you just have one big party? I guess in that way, it's easier. Our May is like that, with our anniversary my birthday my sons birthday and usually Memorial day too all in one week!

    I big, fat LOVED Twilight-the whole series! I actually stayed awake for more then 2 pages when I was reading them!

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  10. Congratulations on the blog award! :) Thanks for dropping by my blog! I'm now a follower of yours.

    I'll be sure to frequent your site!

    Spanish Pinay