Sunday, December 4, 2011

A hard day's work...

but so worth the time!  They did a great job...

Looks almost good enough to eat... well, I wouldn't, but youngest did (thinking I didn't see... well, I didn't, wink, wink) and then proceeded to lick his fingers as he continued to "help" finish the activity!


  1. I did this with my boys one year (made all of the walls myself and it was quite a challenge because it was a little soft). Yours looks wonderful :) Thanks so much for hopping on over to Mother Baby Child Blog - I am now following you. If you have not clicked the G+ button and joined me, it is in the upper middle portion of my blog. Have a fantastic weekend :)

  2. It is always fun to decorate gingerbread houses with the kids. This is adorable!

    Your jewelry is beautiful too!

    Thank you for visiting and leaving a comment on The Big Green Bowl. It is so nice to meet you!