Thursday, December 15, 2011

New Item!

I am so excited that I am now adding a new item to my list -- charm bracelets!

The bracelets are 7" long (almost 8" with the additional jump rings I'm adding at the end ).  I can make longer if needed, just let me know!

All the bracelets start at $25 and then the rest is a la carte!  Choose what charms or pendants you see and add it on.   And the BEST part ?  I am including in the bracelets, UP to 6 birthstones or pearls at NO CHARGE!!!  (mix and match, go for it, it's okay!)  The possibilities are endless!!!

These are so simple, yet so "charm"ing!  (haha, I crack myself up at midnight!).  I'm in love with them already... (wait til Baby girl sees these in the morning!).


  1. They are lovely!! Your work is amazing!

  2. There are some very creative and inspired pieces of pendant jewellery here! Awesome!