Thursday, December 15, 2011

New Item!

I am so excited that I am now adding a new item to my list -- charm bracelets!

The bracelets are 7" long (almost 8" with the additional jump rings I'm adding at the end ).  I can make longer if needed, just let me know!

All the bracelets start at $25 and then the rest is a la carte!  Choose what charms or pendants you see and add it on.   And the BEST part ?  I am including in the bracelets, UP to 6 birthstones or pearls at NO CHARGE!!!  (mix and match, go for it, it's okay!)  The possibilities are endless!!!

These are so simple, yet so "charm"ing!  (haha, I crack myself up at midnight!).  I'm in love with them already... (wait til Baby girl sees these in the morning!).