Saturday, May 12, 2012

For the love of M&Ms!

For the last day of Teacher Appreciation Week we ended with a sweet treat for the teachers -- a jar of M&Ms.
 We topped each "Starbuck's" container with a glass marble with each teacher's initial:
 And we hope the teachers will enjoy the treats!
Poem and idea found here.  I snagged the picture here too so you can see it larger.  It's such a nice poem!


  1. gorgeous! and sweet! may i know where you got those glass marbles? they look huge...brilliant brilliant idea.

  2. I bet the teachers fight over who gets to have your children in their class after seeing what they gave their teachers this week - such lovely gifts!

  3. super cute poem! aren't your kids' teachers sooo spoiled! makes me think I should have been a teacher ;-)

    Spanish Pinay