Wednesday, May 23, 2012

For a really great school music teacher

She's really soft spoken, encouraging, always cheerful, fun to speak with, and just plain nice!  :)  The children really like her.  Oldest child goes to her for singing and music.  She is learning the recorder this year.  (and thank goodness doesn't  have any desire to practice at home!)   Middle child goes to her for singing and comes home reporting about how many "wow" cards they have received.  Apparently after so many they get a popcorn party!  Anyway, we just wanted to show our appreciation to her.  Tonight the Kindergarteners are performing some songs for the parents.  We were going to give her this...  But middle child is sick...  :(

We thought this guitar pick was cute...

 But ended up doing it as a key chain/ring instead:


  1. Replies
    1. good to know!!! do you sing or play an instrument?

  2. Oh cute! now, it's dual purpose... can still be used as guitar pick :D

    Spanish Pinay

  3. awwww sorry your baby isn't feeling well :(

    I got my husband a pick like that one year for fathers day...apparently you can really use those on real guitars....shows how much I know about

    Still cute none the less!

    1. i didn't even consider that it would work! It's silver filled rather than sterling silver... i will have to ask the teacher to give it a try and let me know! that would be a bonus feature of this pendant/key chain! Multiple uses is good! :) Thanks Christina!

  4. This is brilliant for a music teacher! So cute.