Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Happy Birthday Mrs. Reynolds!!!!

Tuesday was the children's school principal's birthday.  The entire school was asked to bring a freshly cut flower in the morning for her to create a surprise birthday bouquet.  Guess what?  They didn't expect the turn out to be so large.  One big vase turned into MANY vases overflowing with freshly cut flowers from the students.  It was an amazing sight Tuesday morning... seeing children walking to school with their flowers for the principal!  I wish I had taken a picture but I often leave the house without my phone in the morning -- sometimes I leave without my brain! :0  Anyway, we brought flowers and the children made cards... just wished they actually brought it with them to school!  They were so excited about the flowers they forgot their cards.  I told them I would drop it off at the office later that morning... but I forgot!  (see what I mean about leaving without my brain?!)  Then I meant to bring them today... well, you can see where this is headed!
SO... to remind myself to bring the cards, I decided I would make time to create a pendant for Mrs. Reynolds!

BH is for the school's name, black and yellow/orange for the school's colors, and loved because she is loved by students, staff, and parents!  I think she's pretty amazing.  She has always been very personable, open, friendly, and direct with us.  I like that she tried to keep us in the loop about events - small and large.  She is always present at the school and has an open policy.  I have yet to use the open door policy... so that's a good sign, right?!  But I know that if needed, I can!  :)  And I think she's pretty amazing because even if she may not know me by name, she always greets me and says, "Thank you for helping and being at the school."  I think that's nice.  :)  You  know how I say sometimes it's the little things?  Well, that's the little thing I'm talking about.  A thank you here and there to show some appreciation.
Now... to remind myself to bring this to school... to hand to her in order to show her how much SHE is appreciated! (wish me luck!)


  1. You sound so much like me. Today, we left home and I forgot our little one's jacket and my own jacket! It's not too cold outside but it can get a little chilly.

    The school principal will absolutely love that pendant!!

    Spanish Pinay

  2. You are so sweet!
    I'm sure she will LOVE it! (I would) :)

  3. you are wonderful to be so thoughtful of others! thank you!!!