Saturday, August 18, 2012

For a fellow August born BFF

she and baby girl became fast friends in 3rd grade.  Both are somewhat shy but friendly.  Both are artistic and love to create.  Both have a love for small furry things... mostly hamsters.  (Yes, we adopted one but that is another post!)  Both got along so well last year and I wish they had more time this summer to "play" together... Alas, summer vacation is over and now they are both entering 4th grade and unfortunately, will not be in the same class.  (insert very sad baby girl face when she looked at her class list today)


  1. At least they are still in the same school. Poor baby girl! Hope she's taking this well.

    Lovely pendant, Steph!

  2. Another beautiful pendant my friend. Wishing you a joy filled week! xo

  3. beautiful pennant!
    none of my kids have friends in their classes this year...ouch!! they too will have to make new friends....guess there is good and bad in that situation...good luck to all school children!!