Sunday, October 23, 2011

Fall Harvest Festival

My daughter's school had their Harvest Festival today and it was busy!  The parents have been working so hard the last couple of months to put this event together.  Therefore, I am happy to report that the weather was beautiful, the children all had a great time, and although I did not sell a lot of pendants, I met many wonderful people who grabbed my business cards and will contact me to put together some pendants as gifts for the holiday!  I am so excited to get this going, as Christmas is creeping up!  Eeeek!  For those of you visiting my blog because you grabbed my cards, welcome!!!!  I will be posting photos of my pendants on the sidebar this week.  (sorry!)

Melinda came to sell her lovely handmade beaded jewelry with me.  Even Astrid came to support us!   Aren't they THE best?!  (what did I tell you... I am very lucky to have such wonderful friends!)

At the end of the day... Mel and I finally grabbed a picture together.  It was fun and I am glad she was there by my side.  I look forward to many more festivals and boutiques.  I have a few new items that I am working on that were a big hit today.  More pictures to come!
Table decorations courtesy of my dear friend, Matt.  Matt, you know how I feel about you.  You are awesome and I thank you for your continued support.  You helped put this beautiful table together for me and it definitely did not go unnoticed by numerous customers.  (Sorry, we had started cleaning up when I realized we did not take a picture... so the table looks a bit uneven and empty, especially on the right hand corner!)

And Matt, thank you for spending your afternoon shopping with me AND helping me create this beautiful setting in your backyard a week before the festival!


  1. Sounds like a wonderful day! Your table display is beautiful!

  2. Your display is beautiful! Hope you get lots of Christmas orders!

  3. Looks very nice! And very professional. Glad it was a nice weekend for you!

  4. Your display looks great. I am sure these will make great Christmas gifts. The fall table decoration is beautiful.

  5. This is gorgeous and so professional! :)

  6. Your setup is WAY more official than mine was for my show a few weeks ago - yours is BEAUTIFUL!!! Congrats on a good show and good times with friends!

    Sandy @ LittleBittyThings