Friday, October 14, 2011

Meet Another Blog I follow

Meet Kathy Barbro.  I don't know her personally.  I've never commented on her blog.  But I love what she does on her blog.  She is an amazing art teacher and I love her ideas!  My children and I do A LOT of art... It's my way of relieving stress during the week when they have so much going on.  So we often take a break and do something that allows them to be a bit "unstructured."  I'm not a fan of structure... but I do often need routine in order to get through the day.  But art... art is so personal.  I don't care what my 3 do, as long as they are having fun and we can laugh about the process.

She has some great projects for all seasons.  She uses a variety of medium.  She provides specific instructions.  What more can you ask for?!
Fall is here!

She is taking part in an amazing project right now... I wish I had time to sew!!!

She created  this beautiful mural to raise funds for Project HOPE Art which provides basic needs to Haitian orphans.  You can purchase this mural for $10.  More info here.

The children and I enjoyed this project:

and this:

and a winter wouldn't be the same without doing this project!  The book is pretty wonderful too!

How cute is this for Mother's day?  (I wish I knew about this while the children were still eating from the baby food jars!)

I think Kathy is pretty amazing.  Well, she's  a teacher, and I think teachers are pretty amazing.  I'm partial to that career choice!  :)  I think teaching is a VERY difficult career/profession.  It's not for everyone... even though I have heard plenty of people tell me that they could teach if they wanted to... Sure, go for it!  I would give them 30 minutes and then they would be running out of the building screaming!  It's thanks to good teachers that make teaching "look" easy.  But let me tell you something, teaching is not easy.  It takes a special person... I miss teaching, but now my children are my students and I want to focus on them.    Kathy, you do not know me and I only know you through your blog.  But I think you are wonderful for all the wonderful things you do.  I hope you don't mind that I am bragging about you... as if you were a close friend of mine!  :)

I wrote to Kathy and this is what she had to say:

Hi Stephanie,

I love having my work shared, thank you so much for writing such nice things about me.

I appreciate your taking time out to write, and I wish you much success with your blog too.

Take care,



  1. Thank you for introducing us to her blog. I'm on my way for a visit. Hugs and sending wishes for a weekend filled with laughter xo

  2. Those are really awesome projects. I especially like the step by step water colors ones...

  3. These are really great! I like the water colors too:)

  4. I think this is a great blog too, now following.